Conferences and Research Seminars

Area Classics Revisited – How the Other Half Lives: The Geographical Study of Women @ RGS-IBG Conference, August 2019: Invited panellist. “How the other half lives… but ain’t I a woman?”

Resistance in the Master’s House: Researching race in troubling times @ RGS-IBG Annual Conference, August 2019: Co-organiser with Shereen Fernandez

Intersectionality and the City, June 2019: Keynote address. “Visibility from under the hatches: Black Muslim women at work”

Centre for Studies of Home, February 2019: “Mismatching clothes for home: Black Muslim women in Britain

Caribbean Women (Post) Diaspora, African/Caribbean Interconnections, July 2018. “Intersectionality and the British grammar of race: Black Muslim women in Britain

Critical Race and Ethnicities Network (CREN) Black Feminism Seminar Series “The work is harder but it is still the same”, May-July 2017: Co-organiser and speaker. Transcript for introduction to last seminar available

American Association of Geographers, Boston, April 2017: Invited panellist. “Spatializing Race – Critical Articulations across Borders, Territories, and Scales”

Critical Race and Ethnicities Network (CREN) “Intersectional Interventions” Conference, October 2016: Presenter with Remi Joseph-Salisbury. “‘Are you supposed to be in here?’ Racial microaggressions and knowledge production in Higher Education”

Race and Higher Education, May 2016: Invited Speaker. “Academia and the Native Informant” Video available

Race, Religion and Migration Conference, January 2016: Presenter. “Dressing for home: The Presentation of Black Muslim Women in Britain”

Blackness in Britain Conference, October 2015: Presenter. “Black Muslim Women and the Grammar of Race in Britain”

The White Rose Critical Race and Ethnicities Network (CREN) Annual Conference, June 2015: Organiser & Welcome Address.

University of Hull Gender Research Network, April 2015: Invited Speaker. “Researching Intersectional Identities through Clothing Practices”

RGS-IBG Postgraduate Mid-Term Forum, March 2015: CREN Panel Organiser & Presenter. “The Ethics of Research: Challenging Dominant Forms of Knowledge Production”

University of Sheffield Postgraduate Gender Research Network, January 2015: Invited Speaker. “Intersectionality and Black Muslim Women’s Clothing Practices”

RITA Conference – Intersectionality: A Space for Theoretical and Practitioner Discussion, November 2014: Presenter. “Researching Intersectional Identities through Clothing Practices”

Reflexivity and Methodology in Research with British Muslims Conference, September 2014: Presenter. “Black Bodies, White Audiences: The limits of co-production of knowledge”