Presenting at RGS-IBG Conference 2019

I wanted to post information about the panels I’m presenting/organising at the RGS-IBG Conference happening in London, 28 – 30 August 2019.

Hope to see some of you there!

Wednesday 28th August

Resistance in the Master’s House: Researching race in troubling times (panels I & II)

14:40 – 18:30, RGS-IBG Education Centre (double session)

Co-organised by myself and Shereen Fernandez, presenters across these two panels attempt to confront our role as academics in the reproduction of white supremacy. These panels were influenced by Audre Lorde’s The Master’s Tools which warned us against using the Master’s tools to dismantle the Master’s house (i.e. the evolving implicit and explicit logics of white supremacy). This is an opportunity for us to confront our role as academics in the reproduction of white supremacy: how does anti-racist scholarship and activism occur alongside and/or in spite of the white supremacist logics that sustains the Master’s house? This is particularly important to address at the RGS-IBG conference given the expense of participating in these spaces of knowledge dissemination, thus controlling who can (literally) afford to participate in the development of academic scholarship. We explore these questions in light of intertwined histories of coloniality, white supremacy and the discipline of Geography (McKittrick 2006; Noxolo, Raghuram, and Madge 2008; Yusoff 2018). This interrogation of our role in academia is used to re-imagine racial justice in these troubling and uncertain times.

For more details about each panel, please click below:

Panel I – Troubling our role in this house: academia and the functioning of white supremacy

  • Kadian Pow
  • Amber Murrey
  • Hanain Brohi
  • Rita Gayle

Panel II – Interrogating the Master’s tools: theorising race in troubling times

  • Patricia Noxolo
  • Daniel Kato
  • Nathaniel Adam Tobias Coleman
  • Azeezat Johnson

Thursday 29th August

Area Classics Revisited – How the Other Half Lives: The Geographical Study of Women

11:10 – 12:50, RGS-IBG Education Centre

I will be one of the panellists responding to Tivers’ ‘How the Other Half Lives’ article in Area – I intend on using my time to return to the Black feminist question, ‘Ain’t I a Woman?’

For more information about this discussion, please click here.


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