Call for CREN Chapter Proposals: New Directions in Anti-Racist Scholarship and Activism


From Britain voting to leave the European Union, to the U.S. electing Donald Trump as President, 2016 has been a year of political upheaval and irreversible change. Whilst the Brexit and Trump votes took many by surprise, including pollsters and anti-racists, the similarities between the two campaigns make it difficult to view them in isolation from each other, or in isolation from the far-right movements that are growing across Europe. These movements reveal deep-seated racisms that have proliferated since the respective elections. With the terrain seemingly having altered irreparably, this is a time of great urgency for those of us committed to anti-racism. It is with this in mind that we invite proposals for contributions to our edited collection, New Directions in Anti-Racism: Scholarship and Activism. Topics for consideration might include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Lessons from Trump and/or Brexit
  • Lessons for the Left
  • Centring queerness in the fight against white supremacy
  • Anti-racism and academia
  • Mapping Contemporary Racial Conditions
  • Re-theorising our understandings
  • New Methodologies for Anti-Racist Scholarship
  • The (potential) responses of Anti-Racist Activism
  • The future of Black Feminism
  • The future of the Black Lives Matter movement
  • Building Transnational/Global Anti-Racist Movements

This edited collection will signal the end of an era for CREN as those of us who founded the Postgraduate network begin to establish ourselves as early career academics. As such, we are particularly keen to invite contributions from those that have worked with and supported us over the last few years.

Anybody that is interested in contributing to the book should send an abstract (200-400 words) along with a short bio to by 01 Feb 2017.


Editors: Remi Joseph-Salisbury, Beth Kamunge and Azeezat Johnson

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