Update: CREN book on anti-racist scholarship and activism


The deadline for abstracts for the CREN edited collection on new directions in anti-racist scholarship and activism is 01 Feb 2017.

As our original call noted, the focus of the book will be on how we as anti-racist might respond to the events of 2016, namely, Brexit and the election of Trump. Following discussions between the editors, we include some more information here that might be useful to anybody considering submitting an abstract:

  • Whilst the focus of the book will include work looking at the UK and US, we recognise that Blackness outside of the West is too often marginal to our considerations despite these events having dire consequences for those of us existing outside of the West. As such, we are particularly keen to include works that consider the impact of, and responses to, Trump and Brexit beyond the UK and the US, and particularly in former colonies.

  • We envisage chapters being no more than 5,000 words in length (including bibliographies), and we also plan to include some shorter contributions at around 3,000 words).

  • Since so many of our people are outside of the academy, we are also keen to include poetry and creative writing pieces.

  • We are looking for pieces that respond directly to the title and focus of the book, rather than more general contributions that only superficially link to the book’s remit.


We are looking for all of the pieces to capture the urgency of this particular moment. We believe we’re at a moment where we need to be producing critical scholarship to reflect on where we are, how we got here, and how we need to change when thinking about future critical race scholarship.

If anybody has any questions, or would like to submit an abstract, please contact us at contactcren@gmail.com


Thank you,

Remi Joseph-Salisbury, Azeezat Johnson, Beth Kamunge

CREN Book Editorial team

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